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Acqua Recovery

Contact: James Hadlock
Address: 100 North Johnson Mill Road
Midway, UT 84049
Phone: 435-659-6721
Acqua Recovery is a leader in addiction recovery. We have taken the best of the 12-Step, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy programs and created an individualized and holistic treatment approach to recovery. We have embraced excellence though innovation and developed a continuum of care that extends beyond your time at acqua recovery™. At acqua recovery™, we are different. Science based, research driven, human touch. We embrace innovation, combined with proven practices to create the most complete, effective addiction treatment in the world. The industry’s leading professionals dedicated to you, your family and loved ones. acqua recovery™ staff is rich in experience and diversity. The united efforts of many working together for your wellness. Your success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, and sacrifice. Most of all, it is the love of what you are doing and the destiny you are creating.
24 Hour Helpline Call Center, 30 Day Recovery Program , Accountability Program, Addiction Intervention Services, Addiction Recovery Services, Behavioral Health Providers, Drug Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, EMDR, Wellness Retreat Program
A Safe Passage Recovery Transition , Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, Eating Disorder Treatment, Holistic Services, Joint Commission Standards Training, Men's Issues, Mental Health Services, Partial Hospitalization Program

Anaheim Lighthouse

Contact: Admissions
Address: 1320 West Pearl Street
Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone: 855-335-3007
At Anaheim Lighthouse, we know that drug addiction treatment may be the farthest thing from the mind of an addicted individual. While it often seems obvious that an addict or alcoholic needs help, he or she may feel that recovery is impossible and that it may be easier to continue on their current path. But millions of people have come through the disease of addiction and are leading full and healthy lives. With the right treatment plan, professionals, and rehab facility, recovery can be far more than a dream. The most important step is the first one: admitting they are powerless over alcohol and drugs and their lives are unmanageable. Anaheim Lighthouse can offer that help. We shine a beacon of hope for those who are ready to take that first step. Whether a client comes to us to receive treatment for drug addiction or for alcoholism Anaheim Lighthouse offers a full array of programs, from detox to inpatient residential and intensive outpatient care. Within our abstinence based treatment programs, we provide a comprehensive slate of services, such as individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol education, and introduction to the 12-step program. Recognizing the importance of family healing, we also offer a strong family support program. We promote our holistic approach to recovery through treating the mind, body, and soul. We encourage a healthy diet and physical fitness through visits to a nationally recognized gym, yoga and meditation during a clientÂ’s stay.
12 Step Recovery Based Program, 24 Hour Helpline Call Center, 30 to 90 Day Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Addiction Recovery Services, Adult Residential Treatment, Affordable Treatment, Alcohol Detoxification, Extended Care Facility , Sober Living with Outpatient Therapy, Transitional Recovery Services
A Transitional Living Community , Addiction Recovery Services, Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health Services, Outpatient Therapy with Sober Living , Recovery Residence, Residential Programs, Substance Abuse

California Coast Detox & Rehab

Contact: Admissions Coordinator
Address: 27122A Paseo Espada
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone: 888-541-0159
Welcome to California Coast Detox & Rehab. Our treatment process is like a balloon that is squeezed at any one or two points only to bulge out at another, the balanced treatment approach that is necessary to real recovery must exert effort in three distinct areas: clinical, educational, and spiritual. To leave any one of these three components out or to minimize the necessary time and focus exerted is to let recovery slip through that undefended crack. We work to immerse each client in the needed therapy and therapeutic assessment, education and daily activities of recovery, and the structured practice of non-religious spiritual formation on a daily basis. Clinical Approach–First, we establish a stable baseline from which to work by providing a safe and medically directed detox and clinically identify and begin treating any co-occurring disorders with the direction of affiliated psychiatrists and other medical personnel. Our licensed therapists work to uncover past trauma and emotional disorder that along with co-occurring disorders often lead to substance abuse and process addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, over work, sex addiction, etc. 12-Step Base–Secondly, we begin the process of establishing the basics of recovery: drug education, relapse prevention, 12-Step work—all focused toward action in community, building new structures in daily life that take each client on a journey of self-discovery. Spiritual Formation–The third leg centers around spiritual formation understood non-religiously as building spiritual awareness, mindfulness, and present moment connection. Establishing additional daily structure of meditation and centering prayer, clients learn how to manage stress and addictive cravings through presence and connection rather than medication. It’s a process that infuses and complements the entire approach, facilitating the spiritual awakening and life-attitude shift needed for a true sense of identity from which flows the meaning and purpose in life that every human needs.
24 Hour Helpline Call Center, 30 to 90 Day Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Addiction Healing Center, Addiction Treatment Providers, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment, Christian Centered Treatment Facilities , Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Lifestyle / Wellness, Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility, Pain Management Treatment Tract , Trauma Recovery Track, Treatment Integrated & Addiction Trauma Program
Addiction Crisis Intervention, Addiction Recovery Services, Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, Holistic Services, Medical Recovery Services, Recovery Residence, Substance Abuse, Trauma Services

HARP Palm Beach

Contact: Admissions Department
Address: 2655 N Ocean Drive
Singer Island, FL 33404
Phone: 561-201-1133
HARP Palm Beach is an addiction treatment center located in Palm Beach, Florida on a barrier island known as Singer Island. HARP treats females and males 18 years of age and older who suffer from the affliction of drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness. Our highly experienced staff consists of doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, master's level therapists, and certified counselors comprising over a century of clinical experience treating addiction and dual-diagnosis. HARP provides superior individualized treatment in a serene waterfront setting. With our tailored clinical program, we are positioned to treat those who chronically relapse, as well as those that suffer from addiction and mental illness known as dual-diagnosis, with a unique and proven approach. The HARP name is derived from the four core principles that our program is built upon: Honesty, Assertiveness, Responsibility, and Peace. These principles are addressed throughout the entire program and must be practiced daily in order for an individual to successfully complete our program. We believe in order to completely recover from addiction and alcoholism; one must address their whole being, mind, body, and spirit. Through our exclusive program we have developed the HARP core principle plan. This plan ensures that all HARP clients are introduced and taught to integrate the four major principles that must be present in every recovering individuals life. The principles of honesty, assertiveness, responsibility, and peace (H.A.R.P.) are the very hallmarks of HARP's entire treatment program. If an individual has the ability to incorporate these principles into their everyday life, sobriety is inherent. At HARP, we understand the mental and physical resistance individuals face when trying to get their loved ones, or themselves into treatment. Through careful evaluation of these "treatment barriers," we have made our admissions and intake process as streamlined and simple as possible. We will handle all aspects of the insurance process, and assist with any travel accommodations if needed. We have designed our facilities and our entire treatment approach to make our clients feel right at homeÂ…like guests, rather than "patients." Therefore, you or your loved one can rest assure you're your treatment experience will not be in a hospital or institutional setting. Our facilities offer the latest in comfort and style. Located right across the street from the Ritz-Carlton, and on the Intracoastal waterway, HARP offers private and semi-private rooms with 42" flat screen televisions, pillow top bedding, hypo-allergenic linens, granite counters, and new bathrooms. Patients can enjoy recreational activities as well as waterfront dining and client chosen meal plans. Typical lengths of stay vary but are typically 30, 60, and 90 day increments. This is more accurately determined on a case-by-case basis upon a thorough medical, and clinical assessment, during the client's first few days of their intake process. We offer various continuum s of care such as Residential, PHP, Intensive Outpatient, , and outpatient levels of care.
12 Step Recovery Based Program, 30 to 90 Day Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Addiction Healing Center, Drug Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Extended Care Facility , Holistic Treatment Center, JCHO Accreditation, Opiate Detoxification, Outpatient Treatment, Transitional Recovery Services
Addiction Recovery Services, Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Alumni Relations, Case Management Services, Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, DUI - DUI, Outpatient Therapy with Sober Living , Outpatient Treatment, Residential Programs, Substance Abuse

Pat Moore Foundation

Contact: Katy Alexander
Newport Beach, CA 
Phone: 866-537-6495
HOPE AT LAST: WHY OUR DETOX & TREATMENT WORK Welcome to Pat Moore Foundation Located in Beautiful Orange County, California Detox and Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addictions. Specializing in Suboxone and Subutex Approved Detox Programs for Heroin, Opiates, Prescription Drugs, Methadone, Cocaine, Alcohol and Other Addictive Substances. The drug and alcohol detox and treatment programs at Pat Moore Foundation are nationally-recognized, reasonably-priced residential treatment and drug detox alternatives for men and women. For nearly twenty-five years we have been empowering men and women caught in the life-shattering cycle of substance abuse and addiction. Through personal experience, we know that chemical dependency and alcoholism are both chronic and progressive illnesses. The disease disrupts all areas of a person's life and impacts the family and loved ones in a contagious fashion. Our alcohol and drug detox and residential treatment programs are licensed and certified by The State of California. We provide medically managed and non-medical detoxification and primary residential treatment. Our individual homes are on a unique co-ed campus where we offer gender specific treatment. We are located in the city of Costa Mesa, in Orange County, Southern California, close to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, minutes from the John Wayne Airport, and only an hour from Los Angeles and San Diego. Our belief is that lasting recovery requires a long-term investment. We invest in our residents as much as they invest in their new life. We are with them for the long haul, and will work with them and their families though the challenging, yet exciting stages of a rewarding life in recovery. Please call us, day or night, at (866) 537-6495. We want to hear from you...we're here to help.
12 Step Recovery Based Program, 24 Hour Helpline Call Center, 30 to 90 Day Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Addiction Treatment Providers, Adult Residential Treatment, Affordable Treatment, Alcohol Detoxification, Co-Occurring Disorders, Drug Detoxification, Extended Care Facility , Methadone Detoxification, Recovery Residence
A Transitional Living Community , Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, Extended Care Treatment, Holistic Services, Outpatient Treatment, Professional's Program, Recovery Residence, Residential Programs, Social Model Detox, Substance Abuse

Solutions Recovery

Contact: Admissions Department
Address: 9811 W. Charleston Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone: 800-771-8599
Fax: 702-448-7205
The path to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a lifelong experience. The journey often begins in turmoil and may include feelings of hopelessness and despair. Solutions Recovery, Inc. is able to assist you in your recovery. Our multidisciplinary staff provides customized, intensive and holistic services with special interest and emphasis directed towards the well being of the family. Our Las Vegas alcohol and drug treatment programs will assist you in your recovery from chemical dependency, whether it be alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates, or other addictive substances. Solutions Recovery, Inc. offers Chronic Pain, Intensive Outpatient and Residential Treatment Programs. Call us today so that you may start upon the path of recovery.
12 Step Recovery Based Program, 24 Hour Helpline Call Center, Addiction Treatment Providers, Adolescent Treatment Providers, Adult Residential Treatment, Alcohol Detoxification, Drug Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Family Programs, Holistic Treatment Center, Intervention Services, Outpatient Treatment, Pain Management Treatment Tract
Addiction Recovery Services, Adolescent Co-Occurring Disorders , Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Evaluation, Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Children’s Psychiatric Services, Detoxification, Outpatient Treatment, Professional's Program, Substance Abuse

The Manor

Contact: Admissions Coordinator
Kettle Moraine, WI 
Phone: 414-930-1930
DISCOVERING YOURSELF, UNDERSTANDING YOUR ADDICTION Lasting sobriety requires a grand vision, a fully articulated dream with goals rooted deeply in what brings you joy. While this vision is fundamentally different for each guest, it is always developed through a well-executed, rigorous process. The Manor’s 2-5-5 Model Of Addiction Treatment Our treatment model follows a simple yet effective blueprint: two phases of residential treatment, covering the five domains essential to lasting sobriety. FIRST PHASE: 28 DAYS Stage 1: Assessment To help you feel like yourself again, our multidisciplinary team works together to assess your specific needs. We conduct an extensive, individualized evaluation that determines the nature and extent of your addiction, both intellectually and physically. This includes exploring the impact it has on your life, reviewing the medical need for specific medications and addressing your nutritional and health needs. You’ll receive the information and tools—as well as the structure, consistency and support—you need to begin your journey toward recovery. Stage 2: Discovery Before you can commit to moving forward—no matter how personalized the path—you must first understand the challenges that lie ahead. At The Manor, you will discover a newfound understanding of addiction, helping cement your desire to explore a new path. Our staff will work with you to develop a more complete picture of your true self: what inspires you, what drives you, what fascinates you, what touches you and what makes you feel whole. During this time, you will enjoy the wide range of evidence-based treatments we offer: cognitive/behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), integrative cognitive therapy (ICT), motivational interviewing, family/systems therapy (FST) and 12-step facilitated care. Stage 3: Consolidation Your treatment team will work with you to craft a recovery plan—fortified with proven clinical best practices—that leads toward the life you desire. Here, you will find the tools you need to live a life of sobriety, with special focus on methods you can continue back home. Our goal is to provide you with a realistic and individualized relapse-resistant recovery program that incorporates the five domains of treatment. Strongly focused on continuing your journey after leaving the Manor, we help you build a support system and put in place the resources you will need to find success. Whether your next step is returning home or moving to some other therapeutic setting, we will help you connect with people and professionals who will nurture your early recovery. SECOND PHASE: TWO-WEEK INCREMENTS Stage 1: Restructuring During the consolidation process of the first phase, you and your treatment team may determine that you need more time to acquire and apply your new tools. To help protect you from relapse, this stage is designed to focus intensively on practicing living sober within a structured and supportive environment. Stage 2: Consolidation Here you’ll revise your first-phase recovery plan—making the proper adjustments to resources and support systems to nurture lasting recovery.
12 Step Recovery Based Program, 30 to 90 Day Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Adult Residential Treatment, Behavioral Health Providers, Drug Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Holistic Treatment Center, Trauma Recovery Track, Treatment Integrated & Addiction Trauma Program
Addiction Recovery Services, Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Alternative to Treatment, Continuing Recovery Program, Detoxification, Extended Care Treatment, Holistic Services, Relapse Prevention, Sexual Compulsivity Treatment, Trauma Services

Seacrest Resource Center, Inc.

(888) 576-8373
Contact: Linda Porte
Address: 6801 Lake Worth Road
LakeWorth, FL 33467
Phone: (888) 576-8373
Our comprehensive services include preparation for licensure, accreditation, and CMS Certification. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience working with CMS review and appeals for Psychiatric Hospitals and CMHCÂ’s . Other services that we provide include The Joint Commission mock surveys, utilization review and quality assurance, medical records management, recoupment of revenue, nursing home litigation support, risk management, grant writing, and The Joint Commission 12 month Periodic Self-Assessment. Our team has extensive expertise in all Behavioral Healthcare includes all aspects of initial Medicare, state licensure application, Joint Commission applications and onsite surveys including application submission, development of all Policy and Procedures, in-services, liaison with regulatory agencies, appeals, hearings and denials. We are currently involved in all aspects of appeals with 90% success in recoupment of denied claims handled with CMS Hearing Officers. We have extensive experience in all Clinical aspects of CMHC Programs. We also pride ourselves with our expertise in dealing with Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries, chart audits, clinical analysis and all aspects of Program Development in having clinical records that are reimbursable. Our team currently oversee multiple CMHCs for Quality Assurance, Joint Commission, AHCA and Medicare compliance. We invite you to explore our Web site to learn more about our behavioral healthcare services and success. For more information about how we can help your health care organization earn accreditation from The Joint Commission, CARF, CMS (Medicare), Medicaid or other federal or state regulatory agency, please call us toll-free at 1-888-LPOTERE (576-8373) or locally at (561) 738-1369. We are based in South Florida and can assist health care organizations throughout the United States with the behavioral healthcare needs.
Accreditation and Credentialing, Addiction Intervention Services, Addiction Recovery Services, Addiction Treatment Providers, Behavioral Healthcare Accreditation, Billing & Collections, CARF Accreditation, CMS Accreditation, JCHO Accreditation, Oversight and Advocacy
Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Billing & Collections, Care Recovery Management., Customized Survey Preparation Plan, Data & Charge Entry, Joint Commission Standards Training, Mental Health Services, Mock Surveys, Psychiatric Hospital, Utilization Review & Quality Assurance

Behavioral Health Care of the Palm Beaches

Contact: 24 Hour Helpline Call Center
Address: 509 Federal Highway
Lake Park, FL 33403
Phone: 888-432-2467
Call our 24 hr helpline for assistance right now. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is one of the most successful rehab centers in the United States. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a premier provider of drug alcohol treatment. Services include: licensed medical detox, primary care, as well as residential and extended care. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches treats mood disorders including depression, anxiety, trauma, panic and bi-polar disorder. Call our 24 hour professional helpline call center to speak with someone ready to help you or your loved one.
12 Step Recovery Based Program, 24 Hour Helpline Call Center, Addiction Treatment Providers, Adult Residential Treatment, Affordable Treatment, Alcohol Detoxification, Behavioral Health Providers, Co-Occurring Disorders, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Exclusive Addiction Treatment Providers, Extended Care Facility , Recovery Residence , Trauma Recovery Track
Alcohol & Drug Rehab , Alumni Relations, Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, Family Programs, Holistic Services, Outpatient Treatment, Professional's Program, Residential Programs, Substance Abuse

Intervention Services, Inc.

Contact: Kevin Lee
Address: 219 E Main Street
Lowell, IN 46356
Phone: 1-877-478-4623
Fax: 1-219-696-6738
At Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. we offer the one thing that many suffering families have gone so long without....hope. With over 8 years of experience in helping addicts and alcoholics to find long term sobriety, we know that we can help when all other methods have failed. With our structured techniques, education, intervention coordination and family counseling, we can help you to bring the addict to sobriety.
24 Hour Helpline Call Center, 30 Day Recovery Program , 30 to 90 Day Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Addiction Treatment Providers, Adolescent Treatment Providers, Adult Residential Treatment, Alcohol Detoxification, Alternative 12-Step Treatment , Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Eating Disorders Providers, Intervention Services, Opiate Detoxification, Pain Management Treatment Tract
Adolescent Co-Occurring Disorders , Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Consulting Services, Detoxification, Dual Diagnosis, Eating Disorder Interventions, Gambling Addiction Treatment, Intervention Specialist, Outpatient Treatment, Private Counseling, Substance Abuse

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