For The Families

Addiction and Mental Health concerns affect everyone. Loved ones, friends, family and even co-workers are affected by the person abusing alcohol, drugs or are struggling with a mental health issue.

What can you do to assist someone you care about to find appropriate help?

If the person you are concern about is open to receiving help, there are many more options available. First have a straight forward conversation with the person. Let them know your concern and let them know you will support them in finding help. Then call us at 888-435-7711. We can then assess the persons need and access our provider network to find appropriate options for your loved one.

What if my loved one or concern person is not willing for help?? Over 50% of our inquiries from family members or friends are like this. What can you do? Well there are still options available for you to explore.

  1. If the person is suffering from a mental health breakdown and is in danger to themselves or others call 911. Let the first responders evaluated the situation. They can offer the person help or if they believe there is intermit danger to the person they can intervene and place the person on a crisis intervention hold.
  2. If the person is addicted and refuses help? We receive many inquires and calls from family members and friends who are concern about someone who is in denial about their addiction. Your options are limited but you still have options to explore.
    • Contact a professional interventionist. An interventionist can guide you and all the concern people in the process of doing a professional intervention.
    • There is free support for family and friends of an addicted person. Alanon and Nar-Aon are two excellent fellowships that offer support to family members of addicted people. Remember this……… You are choosing to be and stay in a relationship with an addicted person. Why not find support for you to help you cope.
    • Contact a local substance abuse treatment provider. See if they offer a free family education program. If they do, Go!

If you would like to speak to a trained professional who understands your dilemma, you can always call Treatment-Resources at 888-435-7711. We would be happy to assist you.

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