Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers

The following is a rather interesting, and to us, disturbing article; Drug companies and doctors have been accused of fueling… Read More

Overdoses – Leading Cause of Death for Young People?

This is a great article on overdose and young people. Experts explain what, exactly, is going on. You’ve likely heard… Read More

Wearable sensor helps people keep tabs on drinking

Electrical engineers are creating a wearable sensor to help people manage their alcohol intake. Activity trackers monitor your steps; this… Read More

Walking Produces Wellness

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Integrate Your Primary Medical Care With Addiction Treatment

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Living With OCD – One Woman’s Story

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— ScienceDaily Reports– Pregnant Women With Psychiatric Conditions Require Higher Doses of Neuroleptics

It has long been thought that medicating mental health patients while pregnant with a neuroleptic substance might cause risk to… Read More

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Recently, a Prescription Drug Take-Back day took place. 7 tons of pills were taken in and everyone should feel good… Read More

New Helpline Opens in Moline, IL

A new helpline has opened for teens in Moline, IL who need helps with substance abuse. This is great news… Read More

Manage Stress By Doing Less

It’s common for all of us to get a little too caught up in life and let all of our… Read More

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